Assignment: Throughout this WebQuest, you will be visiting several websites focusing on specific inventions. Each website will have a task for you to complete.

TASK #1 Lowell Mills

During the 1800s, America witnessed a change in America: factories were hiring women. One of such factories was the Lowell Mills in Massachusetts! This website includes interpreted journal entries of women who worked at the Lowell Mills. Read the journals from the following dates and answer each question:

Lowell Mills Journal
1. Find the journal entry for Thursday, April 16, 1835 - (1) Discuss how the Lowell Mills treated those injured on the job.

2. Find the journal entry for Friday, May 1, 1835 - According to the content of this journal entry, what working conditions make this job atrocious? (note: atrocious means horrible)

3. Find the Journal entry for Friday, July 24, 1835.
  • According to her journal entry how has her life become harder?
  • What was her little sister's reaction to the textile mill?
  • What happened to the worker with the flu?

TASK #2 Farm Equipment
As many of you know today, John Deere farm equipment is a popular brand of farm equipment today. Check out this site to help further your understanding of John Deere by answering the question below.
4. Explain why John Deere and his partner, Leonard Andrus, developed the steel plow.(First paragraph)

Another famous inventor was Cyrus McCormick with the mechanical reaper. Go to the site and complete the following question below:

5. How did his reaper compare to the old method using a scythe? (second paragraph)

TASK #3 Morse Code
In 1837, Samuel F.B. Morse created a style of communication that cities and navel ships used to transmit messages! The messages are in dots and dashes! You have seen this on movies such as Titanic. Go to http://morsecode.scphillips.com/jtranslator.html and type in your name in the box that says input & press translate! Press play to hear your name to see and hear it in Morse Code.
6. Write down your name in Morse Code. (note you only need to enter your first name)

TASK #4 Cotton Gin
This task could be interesting, yet challenging for you. First, click on this site and scroll until your see the animation of the cotton gin. Now complete the following tasks below.
Examine the animation. Eli Whitney got this idea from an observation he made: "...by watching a cat reach through a fence, try for a chicken, and come away with nothing but feathers..." (Whitney)
7. Explain how the invention works. (Either in a paragraph or step-by-step)

8. How did the invention of the cotton gin lead to the expansion of slavery?

TASK #5: Steamboats: The Clermont
As factory production blossomed across America, a new challenge was on the horizon. How were the products going to be transported to other places? In 1806, Robert Fulton had a solution to this challenge by launching a steamboat called the Clermont to travel the Hudson River. Click on this site Answer the two questions below.
9. Why was it important to have a paddlewheel?

10. What was the purpose of the steamboat whistle?