Transatlantic Slave Trade
Atlantic Crossing
1. How many slaves were reported transported across the Atlantic? (answer is in first papragraph)

Scroll Down to the sub-heading Crossing the Atlantic (near the bottom of the page)
2. Describe the Middle Passage in at least 5 to 7 sentences.

3. In the last paragraph to this section,Atlantic Crossing, Slave ship Captain Thomas Tobin used an analogy to describe the conditions on board his ship to those of a 'nursery in any private family'. Create your own analogy to describe the actual conditions of slaves aboard the ship.

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Different crops, different requirements

4. What types of crops did slaves work on? Which do you think was the easiest for slaves? Why?

Look at the images below and answer question #5
a. Why do you think Africans would participate in enslaving other Africans?
b. Do you think the average Europeans knew about the brutality of slavery?
c. If people knew that their sugar came from the work of slaves, why didn’t they stop using it?