You can play the activity below multiple times. New questions/statements arrive with each new try.

Try out the quiz at the link below:

Search the Internet or your brain to answer questions below-
1. Where was the Constitution written?
a) Independence Hall
b) the same place as the Declaration of Independence
c) the Pennsylvania State House
d) all of the above, since they are the same place

2. What are the first three words of the Constitution?
a) Freedoms we hold...
b) To provide for...
c) In order to...
d) We the People...

3. Why was the Bill of Rights written?
a) Some founding fathers worried that the first seven articles did not do enough to address individual rights.
b) They always intended to keep individual rights separate.
c) Not everyone agreed with adding the rights, so they voted on them separately.
d) none of the above

4. Where was Thomas Jefferson when the Constitution was signed?
a) He was right there, signing along with the 55 other delegates to the convention.
b) He was in France representing the U.S. on a diplomatic mission.
c) He was in England representing the U.S. on a diplomatic mission.
d) none of the above

5. The first Thanksgiving Day was established to _.
a) give thanks to George Washington
b) give thanks for the constitution
c) give thanks for the food available after failed crops left everyone hungry
d) none of the above

When done you may go do the following:
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