Bill of Rights Activities

Activity 1:
click on secondary level

Activity 2: Do I have a Right?
  • You must play this activity until you reach 900 Prestige points & RAISE YOUR HAND. The person(s) with the highest score or completes all the cases will receive a prize.
How to set up the interactive site:
  • Select "No Thanks"
  • Select "New Game"
  • Pick a Lawyer & Select "This is Me"
  • Type your first & last name and choose a partner (notice what amendment cases they can work) Select "Go"
  • Select "continue" on Welcome to your law firm.

Goal/Purpose: Determine if their complaint/case is valid & what amendment it applies to.

How to play:
  • When potential clients enter click on them to see their case.
  • If they do NOT have a case click on you don't have a case.
  • If they have a case & it applies to a lawyer click on the lawyer with the amendment number it applies to. If you don't have a lawyer you ask them to come back tomorrow.
  • At the end of each day you use your prestige points to buy new lawyers (You want to pick lawyers who can work cases of the clients you sent away to return tomorrow.) You also need to buy a desk.
  • Once you have plenty of lawyers add a waiting area and other furniture.

  • Hint: If at the end of the first day, you don't have enough points to get a lawyer restart the game.