Step One:
Andrew & Rachel Jackson timeline
1. In October 1788, Andrew Jackson settled in Donelson. Name another event that happened in that year.
2. In 1791 where did Andrew and Rachel marry for the first time?
3. In June of what year was TN admitted as a state?
4. Name one political office held by Jackson.
5 . Who did Jackson kill in a duel in 1806?
6. In 1814 who made Jackson Major General of the US Army?
7. What state/territory did Jackson's troops invade in 1818?
8. How many months later did Rachel die after Jackson's election in 1828?

Step Two:
9. Briefly scan the 2nd paragraph of Andrew Jackson’s 7th Annual Message to Congress regarding Indian Removal. On your paper, find at least 3 examples of how Jackson “justifies” (that it is a good thing for the Native Americans) the Indian Removal Act.
Andrew Jackson’s 7th Annual Message to Congress, December 7, 1835

Step Three:
10. Read the oral history of Samuel, regarding his memories of the Trail of Tears. On your paper take notes about specific things that happened on the Trail of Tears that he remembers. Also, speculate as to some of the possible long-term effects of this action on the Cherokee people. (List at least 4)
Samuel’s Story

Step Four:
11. Now, examine the following painting that illustrates the Cherokee people on their way to Indian Territory. On your paper, list at least 3 things that this painting shows about their experience.